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Give your duckies a safe and secure home with their own dashboard duckpond! Each stand can hold 3 toys and the wavy edges interlock for a seamless waterscape!


The display is printed of durable, UV-resistant PETG and can withstand temperatures up to 150°F. The 5mm dia. pegs are designed to securely hold most toys by the bottom holes. 


Strips of VBH Mounting Tape are included. Proper surface preparation is required for good adhesion. Some tips can be found here. This tape is designed to be irremovable, though there are solvents and methods available. 

Dashboard Duckpond Display

SKU: Duck-Disp
  • Please contact me within 30 days of purchase for any returns, exchanges, or refunds.


  • All items ship for free (Domestic US) via USPS. 
    Fees apply for International Shipments.

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