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When problems require detailed resolutions.

Since 2018, our talented team works hard everyday to provide the best services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.


What We Provide

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.


With over a decade of experience in traditional manufacturing, we know sometimes the best solution to a problem is a new set of eyes. 

Whether you're deciding if 3D printing is right for your project, or need assistance troubleshooting your own printing issues, we're here to help.

Small Batch FDM Production

Small quantity runs with bulk quantity pricing.

Customize your parts with text or logo.

Custom 3D Printed Parts

Printing As A Service - Your files, our expertise.

Custom party favors for any special event, personal or professional.

Prototype Realization

From rendering to realization in hours, not weeks.

Check fit and feel before ordering expensive tooling and molds.

Less costly than traditional subtractive manufacturing, especially with intricate geometries.

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